Advanced Technologies Group

Advanced Technologies Group were the first customer of Diesel Air Limited and fitted two of our engines in the AT 10 airship which made its maiden flight on 28th March 2001.

They have been very supportive of Diesel Air and hope to certificate the DAIR-100 for their airship applications. This will greatly assist our company in its efforts to obtain certification as much of the supporting documentation, traceability of components, configuration control and build definition work has now been completed.

Under licence from us ATG produced a prototype 600hp 2 stroke diesel engine which first ran on the dynamometer in 2001. This programme has been delayed until sufficient demand can be demonstrated to warrant completion.
ATG are continuing with several other programmes the most interesting of which in our view is the Skycat lifting body airship with hover cushion undercarriage. The concept has been proven with a scaled model of approximately 30 ft in length. Essentially the envelope has an aerofoil cross-section, which relies on forward motion to create lift. The airship, when loaded is heavier than air and would normally require a runway to reach take off speed. With the hover cushion in place of a conventional undercarriage any obstacle free stretch of land or water can be used as the runway. The advantage of the hover cushion is that the airflow can be reversed sucking the airship onto the ground during the loading and unloading operation. It frees up the airship from the historical problem of requiring a large crew to manhandle it during ground manoeuvring.
We wish them success in their efforts.

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450 H.P. engine with 50 KVA generator 
under construction for Advanced 
Technologies  for Airship Propulsion.
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