Engine Overview:

Diesel Air Ltd has designed and developed a
100HP compression ignition engine for aircraft use based on the opposed piston two stroke principle used by Junkers, Rolls-Royce, Napier and Coventry Climax. The modern horizontal version introduced by DAIR results in a lightweight powerful unit ideally configured for installation in most light aircraft on the market today. The 100hp engine provides high operating
efficiency, reliability and extended TBO.

Engine management with single lever operation is greatly simplified with both carb heat and mixture controls eliminated. The DAIR-100 will operate on diesel fuel or jet A1 and this with the added reliability of liquid cooling (shock cooling avoided in the descent) contributes to the low operating costs. The Diesel Air Two Stroke Diesel has a power to weight ratio comparable with modern petrol engines. Why delay. Switch to DIESEL.
Operating Principles Of The Opposed Piston Engine

The twin cylinder opposed piston engine has two pistons in each cylinder with the combustion chamber formed between the crowns of the pistons. It eliminates the need for a cylinder head, camshaft and associated valves and has in effect two half length crankshafts linked by a gear train driving a centrally mounted propellor. The cylinders are ported at each end with one ring of ports opened by the air piston supplying the fresh air charge, and the other opened by the exhaust piston and connected to the exhaust system.
Gas flow through the cylinder is in one direction (uniflow) and leads to more efficient scavenging, the name given to the gas exchange process, than is normally achieved in a convential loop scavenged engine. The DAIR-100 has a centrifugal compressor supplying this scavenge air which also provides a degree of supercharge improving engine power. Power can be increased further with the installation of a conventional exhaust gas driven turbocharger in series with the compressor. Lubrication is by high pressure oil with dry sump and feeds plain main and connecting rod bearings. Fuel injection is by hydraulically governed mechanical pump feeding injectors in each cylinder.