Diesel Air Ltd.



On 11th December 1999 the new lightweight all aluminium Diesel Air 100hp aircraft engine flew for the first time in a Luscombe 8A at Meppershall airfield in Bedfordshire. A series of flights were completed up to 220Oft with a total flight time of 1 hour 30 minutes. The aircraft was piloted by one of the company founders and Managing Director, David Soul, who stated that he had experienced a great feeling of elation to have flown behind a new generation of aircraft engines for which his company was responsible. Further work is continuing on the MK2 engine to refine engine performance. The 100hp engine is the first in a family of engines, using the same constructional techniques to cover the range from 100 to 600hp. This first engine resembles a flat four or 'boxer' engine, but has only two cylinders, each with two pistons. The engine has two outboard crankshafts connected by gears to the propeller-drive and accessories. This 'flat plane' layout ensures the engine can be easily retrofitted in place of the popular Continental or Lycoming engines, using the same mounting points in many cases.