Diesel Air News And Press Release Page:
Press Release 1: 1st July 1999
Press Release 2: 11th January 2000
Diesel Air News:

1. Several Aircraft and airship installations are now flying successfully.

2. The next stage of development is to turbocharge the engine and increase power to 150HP.

3. The Airship Technologies AT-10 airship first flew with DAIR-100 engines on 28th March 2002. The engines mounted in ducts on either side of the gondola produce in excess of 8lbs static thrust per horsepower. The engine nacelle contains air/liquid heat exchangers of sufficient capacity to radiate engine waste heat at full power with no motion-generated airflow over the engines. (Two water radiators and one oil radiator). The engines are not fitted with either air-to-air intercoolers for cooling induction air or secondary exhausts for maximum power delivery and are effectively de-rated to 85 hp at 2400rpm as a result. The AT-10 does not have a requirement for full DAIR-100 power, however the compact size of the engines coupled with their jet fuel burning capability and acceptable weight place them as the ideal engines for this application. From an expanded view of the rear of the engine (see pics) the auxiliary compressor and electrical generator can be observed together with the remote oil filter. The fly by wire controls for the airship are power assisted with compressed air. The large generator provides plenty of excess power for any on-board electrical installations.